Am I or Am I Not an Imposter?

It’s as if I went into a field where I shouldn’t have. It feels like I think I know what I’m doing and then all of a sudden I don’t. It feels like I’m trying but not trying hard enough. It feels like I need help every single where I turn. It feel like I’m an imposter.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve learned much, but I have & can describe syntax/concepts including, but not limited to:

  • Using let vs const (former lets you reassign a variable & the latter does not)
  • template literals (string literals allowing expressions to be embedded)
  • DOM & manipulating it (web page where programs can change the document structure, style, and content)
  • Functions (takes input and returns output where there is a relationship between the input and the output)
  • Ternary & switch statements (ternary operator takes three operands: a condition , an expression to execute if the condition is truthy and an expression to execute if the condition is falsey) (switch evaluates an expression and matches the value to a case & executes statements associated with it)
  • Debugging (console.log & debugger)
  • Array methods: spread operator, push/pop (add/ remove from the beginning of an array), unshift/shift (add/ remove at the end of an array)

It doesn’t feel like I’ve asked enough questions; that is until I alter my words and ask the right questions.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve learned a topic; that is until I go through lessons and physically practice and code in VS Code.

It doesn’t feel like I’m an imposter, because I am not an imposter. I am willing and able and I have the tools and resources to not be an imposter. I am successful and I will be successful.

I am not an imposter, I’m just not confident as I should be.




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